Introduction: "Stained" Glass Art

I've been wanting to do a lighted art project and I finally got the chance!

The art is of Mission Valley, San Diego...with a jet propelled zeppelin above, because, why not.

Large 36"x48" frame (I got mine from the local Habitat for Humanity Restore)
Acrylic paints (cheap from Michaels)
White LED light strip (Christmas lights)

Step 1: Remove Unneccessary Materials

Strip the frame so that all that remains is the frame and glass.

Step 2: Draw Design

For my art, I like to draw before painting. I use a Sharpie which works Excellent on glass!

Step 3: Paint

Paint your design and let it fully dry.

Step 4: Lights- Action!

Now, tape the light strand on the inside of the frame, so that the lights highlight your art nicely and give it that stained glass look.

Plug in your lights and admire your work! Hang up in your house to get the wood and awws of your family and friends!

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