Stamp It Challenge



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This Week's Challenge: Stamp It!

This challenge is all about making projects with rubber and custom made stamps!  Show us how you decorate for the holidays, embellish fabrics, create custom cards and more, using purchased or homemade stamps. 

Grand Prize

Snowflake pattern Gift Wrap

by Susan Cirigliano

Runner Up Winners

(alphabetical order)

Stamped Feathers

by ATatteredCanvas

Stamped Card

by craftknowitall

Kids Coloring Cookies

by danlynne07

Easy Lino Block
Prints for Kids
using Styrofoam!

by doodlecraft

Meat Lover's
Block Printing

by HenryBasenji

Paper plate holder

by Kimberly^

(from hairs roller tape)

by marcellahella

Instructables Robot Wax Stamp
by sunshiine


An extra special thanks to for providing some fun prizes. 
Be sure to give a shout out on Facebook to thank them for inspiring this challenge! 

All entries must be created between December 3 - 30, 2012
Step-by-Step and Photo Instructables only

official rules