Introduction: Starkiller Base Game Play Set Scratch Built

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I'm a Star Wars fan (since 1977)... who just wants to have fun...

and this is my scratch built version of the Starkiller Base.

Nobody has created a game like this, yet... so, here it is!

There are millions of mini/micro/nano drones out there and not even one decent game to play with.
This is my 3rd play set (please check my previous Instructables), inspired by the VII Episode of Star Wars, The Force Awakens.

For this project you need to make a dome, using the paper mache technique (please take a look at my previous Instructables R2M8N). And after you have to paint it. I covered the surface with a few layers of grey (mixing the black and white painting), until I was satisfied with the tonality of the color.

Anyway, to have an idea of the size, this dome has been made using a basketball, (wrapped with cling film before starting to create the paper mache, to avoid to ruin it.)

Electronics parts you need:
I prepared a list in .txt with all the links (bottom of this page).

You can buy these parts cheaply @Banggood:

Arduino Uno Compatible (No cable)

Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04




Micro SD card

Speaker 0.5W 8Ohm ***Speaker £2.20

switch JST

LED 5mm Yellow (6 pieces)

LED 10mm RGB

2 Servo 9g

Mini Breadboard

Jumper Wire Male to Female

Jumper Wire Male to Male

a 500 PET water bottle (just the cylindrical part of it, to fill the empty sections of the StarKiller Base and to diffuse the light of the LEDs in a better way)

5 Pence coin (for the "sensor" attached to the door)

1 barbecue skewer for the hinge

1 straw (small plastic pipe for the hinges of the door)

1 deodorant top

Glue UHU Por (my favorite)

Water based paint (black and white)

Step 1: Preparing the Paper Mache

As I said previously, I made a dome (actually this one was planet Saturn, an old school project my son made:-)

There are plenty of tutorials on Instructables about the paper mache tecnique, but you can also watch my previous project R2M8N.

Anyway, I shaped the middle part of the dome using some cardboard, creating a section where I made a few holes (to simulate the yellow lights of the habitable structures).

After that I also made a big hole for the Superweapon (not to worry, it's just the 10mm RGB LED), that before has been inserted at the center of a black deodorant top.

The RGB LED is cool because it changes the colour simulating perfectly the activation of the Superweapon, from green to red... ready to fire!

Make also 2 holes for the ultrasonic sensor on top (be sure to make the holes slightly away from the door, otherwise it will interfere with the waves of the ultrasounds).

Step 2: How to Play the Sounds, Using the Ultrasonic Sensor

In my previous Instructables R2M8N, you'll find the way of activating the DFPlayer (or the WTV020SD-16P), using the ultrasonic sensor... check it out!

For the Starkiller base project, I chose the DFPlayer module, which is 100% better than the WTV020SD-16P.

It accepts the mp3 format and, most important thing any SD card!

Step 3: Activating the Servos With a Press Button (aka Hit/shut the Door)

This is another super simple Arduino project, basically the switch is connected to the door.

Whenever you close it (hitting it using your drone, or some missiles, perhaps :-), the Arduino board will activate the servos, that open and close (as many time as you prefer), 2 hatches on the sides of the Starkiller base, simulating its own destruction.

The code is super easy, you can find it in the examples of the Arduino programming.

Step 4: Door

When I watched the movie The Force Awakens, during the scene of the assault to the Starkiller Base, I saw that close to the hexagon, there was something that looked like a door.

So, I thought: "That would be the perfect target for a game", trying to close/shoot it, using your drone.

The door is hinged using a barbecue skewer and a small piece of plastic pipe.

A 5 pence coin connected to a wire will work as a button.

Every time you close/shoot the door, the Arduino board will activate the servos, opening and closing the 2 hatches of the Starkiller Base, simulating its own destruction.

Step 5: Have Fun!!!

I also created a version of the X-Wing and a TIE Fighter, to make more exciting playing with this game.

May the Force be with you.

Disclaimer: All the trademarks/copyrights belong to The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm or their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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