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This DIY idea can be an easy process or it can be a complicated procedure. I like easy to do Ideas. The project is a an easy DIY Stash Chair. The idea is to have a secret place to stash your personal items under a regular chair. The chair pictured is my favorite workshop chair. This type of chair is easy to work with because it is made of real wood and is sturdy. Pictured left to right is the chair, the bottom of the chair before the hack, what is looks like with items is the stash compartment and the video. This seat cushion on the chair fits tightly and is notched and will not slide out, no need to screw it back on the supports. Once the project is finished, no one can tell by looking at the chair that is has a compartment built into it.

Step 1:

1. First take the seat cushion off the chair. This one had four wood screws one in each corner.

2. Measure the length and width of the bottom inside of the chair.

3. Cut a thin piece of wood (1/4") to those measurements taken of the bottom of the chair.

4. Glue the four corner supports (bottom side) and place the wood on the corner supports. Nail or screw the wood panel to the bottom side of the supports.

5. Cut three support bracket to the length size of the chair. 3/4" x 3/4" x length of chair will do.

6. Glue the support brackets and nail or screw them to the bottom side of the panel for added support.

Step 2: The Finished Project.

The side view of the Stash chair does not show the diy hack on the chair as seen on the picture on the left. The picture on the right shows the bottom side of the stash chair when the chair is tilted on one side.

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