Introduction: Steam Powertech Crack Ant

This is a instructable for a steam power tech named: crack ant

Step 1: Materials

Materials are listed below

4 wheels, 1 battery case, 4 white plastic motor cases, 2 black wires, 2 red wires, 13 green nuts, 4 white spinner pieces, 16 regular screws, 6 pointy screws, 2 motors, 6 gears, 1 connector cardboard piece, 2 cardboard pieces, 1 white plastic spiral piece, and 1 cardboard key piece.

Step 2: Building the Motor 1

Attach the motor on one of the plastic piece

Step 3: Building the Motor 2

Attach three metal rods for the motor case, then attach three gears. make sure the right gears are attached on the right spot.

Step 4: Building the Motor Case 3

Attach the other plastic white motor case on the other side of what we built so far.

Step 5: Building the Motor 4

Connect the two white plastic spinners onto each side of the motor.

Step 6: Create a Duplicate

repeat step 2~5 and create another motor

Step 7: Building the Frame 1

Attach the motor onto the board.
Repeat for the other motor

Step 8: Building the Frame 2

Attach two wheels onto each side of the motor using screws. Make sure it is stabilised.

Repeat for the other one.

Step 9: Building the Frame 2

Connect the connector piece on one of them

Step 10: Building the Frame 3

Connect one to the other one using the connector, and the machine is complete.