Introduction: Steam Powertech King of Animal

This is an instructable about how to build a power tech made by STEAM, named: King of Animal

Step 1: Materials

First, make sure all materials are included.

Materials needed are

1 motor, 3 red gears, 8 green nut, 3 pointy screws, 6 regular screws, 2 metal rods, 2 white plastic motor parts, 2 white spinning parts, 1 battery case, 2 batteries (may not be included), 1 cardboard plate, 4 cardboard pieces, 4 cardboard feet.

Step 2: Building the Motor

To start out, we will need to build a motor. This is the hardest part, in my opinion, when building.

You will need the 3 red gears, 3 pointy screws, 2 white plastic cases, 1 motor, 2 medium sized metal rods, 1 short, thin metal rod, 2 white spinners, and 2 metal plugins.

Step 3: Attaching Gears to Rods

First, put a metal rod into the red gear, the one which has a small circle with NO teeth. Attach it like the picture above.

Step 4: Attaching White Spinner Into the Metal Rod

Now, attach another one of the medium sized metal rods into the white spinner.

Step 5: Attaching the Gears In

Now, put the thin, small metal rod into the red gear with a small circle WITH teeth on top. Then, start putting all of them in. Make sure you put it in with the right order (sorry for the rack of images. The image above shows what it should look like when done.

Step 6: Put the Motor In

Now, put the motor in. Make sure that the white part is attached on before putting it in

Be careful not to break it, so enter it in slowly.

Step 7: Complete the Motor

Now, the rest should be easy for you. Put the there white case into the motor, and attach it on with the screws. Then, use the white spinner to fit it into the rod in the middle, then,use the metal plugins to cover up the other metal rod.

Step 8: Completing the Frame.

Now, the rest is very easy. Start off by attaching the cardboard pieces. first, put the completed motor on to the main board (the one with the battery case stuck on) and use the screw and green nut to put it on.

Step 9: Completing the Frame

Now, the sides. Attach the two leg parts (the bigger one, not the small one) onto the white spinners. Make sure to attach it onto the ones where there are two holes. Also, make sure that the white spinners are both on the opposite sides from each other.

Step 10: Completing the Frame

Now, attach in the smaller legs with the long legs. Again, use screws and green nut carefully so that you don't lose them. Never, lose a part.

Step 11: Completing the Frame

Now, put the metal rod through the white holes, and attach it using the green nut. Make sure that it properly went in.

Step 12: Completing the Frame

Now, the project is almost done. Attach the cardboard feet onto each legs.

Step 13: Done

Now you are done. Make sure that you wire the codes with black on top and red on bottom (may be different depending on battery and gear, so switch it if it doesn't work) Use the metal plate on bottom to turn off and on