Introduction: Steamed Ginger Cakes

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We all have in our closet some unused cooking tools, either a compulsive buy or an unwanted gift.

Today we'll bring one of them out of the shadows and the dust them off.

And the winner is: the traditional Chinese steam cooker !

(For this recipe you can also use a modern one, but you'll probably miss the vintage part)

The quantities of ingredients is giving for 4 small portions.

- 20 min preparation

- 15 min cooking

Step 1: Cooking Tools

You'll need

- A rotary whip (If you want to save the planet use a manual one, if you want to save your wrist use an electric one)

- A spatula

- A flour sieve

- A grater

- A fork or a whip

- A knife

- A precision balance

- A mixing bowl

- A steam cooker

- 4 small ramekins or 2 bigger bowls

Step 2: Ingredients

- 2 eggs

- 80g of flour (2/3 cup)

- 60g of sugar (1/3 cup)

- A spoon of fresh ginger

- 2 big spoon of oil (or 10g of melt butter 1Tbsp)

- Baking powder

Step 3: Get Ready

Prepare the ginger by cutting it, remove the bark and grind it.

Prepare the flour with two pinches of baking powder and mix well.

Put aside for later.

Step 4: The Eggs

First beat the eggs 3 minutes.

You'll get a pasty and smooth liquid.

Add 1/3 of the sugar and mix. Repeat two more times, making sure your mix each time after adding the sugar.

Finish by mixing 3 more minutes.

The result is like a sabayon.

Step 5: Flour and More

Now add the flour by using the sieve.

Mix with the rest of your preparation and at the same time add the oil (or the butter melted but cold!) and lastly add the ginger.

Step 6: Cooking

Put a bit of fat in the ramekins, fill them at 3/4 and wait 10 min.

In the same time get your water boiling above your stem cooker.

When 10 min pass, put the ramekin in the steam cooker.

First cook 1 min with the fire on high, then 15 min on low.

WAIT ! 5 min before removing the lid (I know you are curious, just trust yourself)

Step 7: Magic !

Look at those beautiful and puffy cakes !

You can now eat them (alone or with some friends) and it goes perfectly with Jasmin green tea !

Be creative ! If you don't like the ginger, change it with some cocoa, green tea or lemon.

Don't feel guilty and enjoy your hard work !

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