Introduction: Steamed Sponge Cakes

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One of my fav. childhood cakes which are so amazing served warm, fresh from the steamer :)

Step 1: Ingredients

2 eggs

1 tsp cake emulfisifer such as Ovalet brand (available at baking store specialty and/or Asian stores)

250 g sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

300 g flour mixed with 3 tbsp full cream milk powder (available at Bulk Barn and baking store specialty. If you cannot find it, you can use skim milk powder)

220 ml milk (2% or 3% is best)

2 tbsp chocolate rice (they are not exactly sprinkles/jimmies, as those are made of egg white and sugar. Chocolate rice are made of milk, chocolate, and butter, mostly known as Dutch hagelslag, available online). Omit if you cannot find. You can use regular sprinkles found at any Canadian supermarket but result/texture is a bit different).

Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla essence until fluffy and pale

Beat in Ovalet until mixture is glossy

Beat in milk a little, then flour a little, then milk again, then flour again, until all used up

Pour water into a pot, place a steamer rack, and bring water to boil, lower heat to medium to simmer

Wrap pot lid with clean tea towel to avoid water dripping onto cakes while steaming

Place cupcake liners into molds (available at Asian stores, online, baking store - they have holes on sides of mold)

Fill up cupcake liner with batter about 3/4 full, then steam for 30 minutes, with lid on top

Place steamed cake on clean dry tea towel so bottom wont be too wet

Enjoy while still warm :)

PS: Cake will resemble blooming flower, so if you omit chocolate rice/sprinkles, you can divide batter into portions and color them and they would create beautiful flower.

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