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Today I am going to be showing you how to make a Steampunk costume corset. Keep in mind it is only a costume corset so while it may show off your curves if you tighten it enough, but it won't make your waist smaller. I wore this for Halloween with my Steampunk Robin Hood Dress. Have fun making.

Step 1: What You Need

Keep in mind this is a refashioning project so the supplies you need will already be something and we will be changing it. What you are going to need for this project is.

• Leather Jacket, or Pants
• Grommets about 18
• Ribbon for lacing

If you just want a plain corset then stop here. But if you want to embellish it then continue

• Leather belts [in whatever color you want I chose green and dark brown]
• Little doodads and such that you see that looks Steampunk [for me this was some old looking keys and a necklace with a long chain I took the chain from it]

Sewing supplies

• Scissors

• Sewing Needles

• Marking chalk or soap

•Measuring tape

Now you are ready to begin.

Step 2: ​Measuring and Cutting It Out

Now to start measuring. Measure right underneath your bust all the way around. Save the measurement. Now measure just above your hips. Take those measurements and take away 2 inches. Measure from under your bust to right at the top of your hips. Now take your leather pants and cut the leg open at the seam. Spread it out flat and using your measuring tape and marking soap and mark the width first. Then mark the center and and measure the height. Example [you can also look at the picture] Lets say it 30 in in one spot and 25 in another and the height it 7 so you mark easing from 30 to 25. the 7 inches is only 7 in the middle then it slopes down an inch. You can look to the pictures for how exactly.

Step 3: Grommets and Lacing

Grommets Yea! No not really grommets can be pretty angering. Most of the time they come with a tool to put them on. Shown in the picture above a silver piece and a black one. So a real quick how to is- Cut a small hole or X were you want the grommet to go then put the 2 sides of it on either side of the fabric with the black circle under it and the silver piece on top grab a small hammer and hammer on top of the silver piece several times. This should put it in place. For putting the grommets on the corset put them about 1 1/2 inches apart. on both sides of the corset. Now take your ribbon cut a long piece [probably about your arms span length] and thread it through the grommets like you would lace a shoe.

Step 4: [Optional] Embellishments

Embellishments its the little details that make an outfit. And really you don't have to do this part but I did. So really this is up to you on what you put on. What I did was So on a chain from a necklace I broke just for this. Also I sewed on a piece of faux leather shaped like a gear. And a vintage looking decorative key. I then wear a black leather belt with it when I wear the corset.

Step 5: Thats All Folks

Congrats and that is how to make a costume corset for halloween or cosplay or whatever you want. Just make sure to add your own elements to make it yours.

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