Introduction: Steampunk Girl Robin Hood Style Costume

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Hey Everyone, I haven't made an Instructable in a while so bear with me. So this is a project I made for halloween and after I made it I thought "Hey I should make an instructable about this" So I don't have the best pictures of the process but they will do. To make this project you need a base knowledge of sewing hand and machine. This does not include how to make the corset of the makeup you can find those instructables Here-MakeUp and Here-Corset. Keep in mind This outfit can be adjusted to be really any steampunk girl character by changing a few things. Such as not wearing a hood or carrying a bow and having a sword or something instead. So continue for fun.

Step 1: What You Need

So every costume can be different. This was a Refashion project so that means mine will be different then yours. So start by going to Goodwill. That is a Steampunk makers Paradise. Keep in mind that you should feel free to pick different colors and such to make the project your own. Start by picking the color[s] you want to mostly use with this project (I chose different shades of green to go with the robin hood thing)

This is what you want to look for.

  • Leather Pants or jacket [this is for a corset you don't have to do this part if you decide to make the corset you can find how to make it in my other instructable here] The thing about corsets is they really complete the steampunk look so I love to use them
  • Leather Belts in your color scheme [I was doing browns and greens]
  • Skirts and pillowcases and just scraps of fabric in your color scheme
  • a short dress that fits you with the kind of top you would like [I kind of chose a dress with kind of a bar maid style top]
  • you are also going to want pillowcases and already made skirts or just lengths of fabric in your color scheme mine were all different shades of green these are for the longer part in the back of the dress
  • Necklaces with long chains
  • you are also going to need some material for straps if you are doing the off shoulder look I chose faux leather but really any material in your color scheme works
  • Leggings in whatever color you choose to go with the outfit [this is optional because depending on how long you make the skirt I made mine pretty short and wore leggings to be more modest]
  • A Circle Skirt or a large skirt in a creme color It doesn't need to be creme that is just what I did [or if you are doing the robin hood look then you could also do a green or brown] Remember be creative this is your project make it yours
  • Also look for Gears and old keys and buckles to go with the steampunk look be creative
  • You can also look for plastic cool looking guns and stuff [I found a completely black gun that looks like it could have pipes and stuff on it and I painted it with browns silvers and golds and made it look steampunky]
  • Weapons to go with your character for me that was a Bow and Arrows [goodwill is a really good place to look for these things cheap]

  • If you see some and don't have them already grab some cute Boots with buckles they work great with this outfit

  • It if you see anything and you feel inspiration and have a good feeling about it then get it or you might regret it

Step 2: Starting the Dress

So now you are ready to start your refashioning your dress. Start by cutting the top off of the large skirt and turning it inside out and pinning then sewing it to the starter dress right sides together. look at the pictures for how it should look.

Step 3: Green Panels on the Back

So if you bought pillowcases and skirts in your color scheme time to take them out and take them apart. that means grab out your seam ripper and start ripping stitches [or if you want to be lazy you can always just cut off the seams off ;) ] These we are using for the longer panel look in the back. I like to have mine wrap around a bit in the front. I hand sewed these on because the material was really thick and I didn't want to hurt my machine. [Sew] what you want to do is first using scissors make the bottom of each panel look ragged. Next turn it upside down and pin it right sides together to the dress over the skirt you can see pictures of what this looks like above. sew all of your panels on in the way I just explained they can overlap or not however you want to do it.

Step 4: Straps [Optional]

If you are going for the off shoulder look like I did then you probably are going to want to use straps. This is of course optional. So take some fabric [or faux leather like I used] cut it about 1 1/2 inches thick [really you can do thicker or thinner whatever you want] Now put on your almost complete dress and measure over your shoulder from were your straps should connect and add 1 inch to that measurement. Put some pins in place were you want the straps while you are still wearing it. Now cut your straps length. Take them and pin them in place were you put your marking pins. Sew them on.

Step 5: Leggings [Also Optional]

Leggings- I wore them because my dress turned out a little shorter then I planned and wanted to be more modest. But to be honest leggings with cuts in them look pretty epic with the costume. So I would suggest wearing them with it any way. You can choose not to cut them but I made cuts along the front as shown in the pictures. I also cut off most of one leg to show the cyborg leg I painted on my leg. I have a tutorial on how to draw/paint that on your own leg.

Step 6: Small Details

SHerlock Holmes said "The small details are always the most important" I agree so some details I put onto my outfit were- I used an older looking belt buckle and added it to a bow I made with scraps from the back panels and then sewed it to the front. Also I used some brown faux leather and cut out gear shaped pieces and sewed them onto various points of the outfit.

Step 7: There You Have It

Well You are now done I hope you are pleased with your completed outfit. Everyones will look different depending on what they find to make it with. I went and made a Hooded Cape to go with the outfit to complete the Robin Hood look as well as having a bow. I hope this tutorial was easy for you to make and that you enjoyed the process. Make sure to check out my other Tutorials about steampunk.

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