Introduction: Stop Motion Animation? Here Are Some Different Things You Can Try

I decided to create an instructable on the different types of stop motion animation that you can do. Most people are not familiar with all types of animation so i'm going to show you a few and give you some quick tips on each one!

Step 1: White Board Animation

My favourite white board animation is a rather complicated animation that would take alot of time and thought.

All that is required to make a white board animation is some dry erase markers and a creative mind.
Not all stop motions have to be complicated some are rather simple

Step 2: Food Animation

Animation with food is something that is always fun! check out my Cookie pacman animation inscrutable 
My cookie pacman is an example of an easy food animation. I already knew how the game worked, and I didn't add any special touches to the game so I had a pretty simple outline to follow.

The video posted below is an example of a difficult food animation.

In comparison to clay-mation, food animation is quite easy to do!

Step 3: Claymation

I personally have never tried claymation but I would consider it the most difficult, you would have to be very patient to create a clay animation.  The video posted below is an incredibly well done clay animation that involves the movie characters Wallace and Gromit. This is very time consuming. Did you know that in shooting the movie Wallace and Gromit , they shot an average of 2 secconds per day and it took them about 4 years to complete the movie? This is just an example of how time consuming claymation really is.

Once again, not all animations have to be perfect, some can be quite simple, but even the simple claymation  video's are time consuming.

Step 4: Human Animation

Human animation is something that is always enjoyable, make a fun video with a close friend and see what you end up creating.
Human animation takes some thought. In the video featured below you will see what I mean by planning where you need to be and when you need to be there.

Something else that Ive always thought was really cool was taking a picture every day for 'X' amount of years!

Or making a comical stop motion on something you do often, with an interesting spin on it.

Step 5: Cut Out Animation

Paper cut out animation is another type of animation that I have never tried, but I have always found it interesting.
Until I began taking animation classes I was not familiar with this kind of animation but I am eager to give it a shot.

This kind of animation can be made fun but would take a lot of planning