Introduction: Storybook With Magnetic Figures (#11)

About: Grandma Van uses the Instructables website to share little print-and-mail books. Once in a while, she has other fun things to share.

I hope that you enjoy the latest storybook.

Step 1: Print.

Print the first eight pages, using these settings: landscape, double-sided, flip on the short edge.

If possible, use light weight cover stock.

Print page nine on heavier cover stock.

Step 2: Cut.

Cut four pages in half as shown.


Step 3: Stack and Fold.

Stack pages 1-16 in one pile and pages 17-32 in another pile.


Each of these is a folio.

Step 4: Sew.

Sew each of the two folios, using the diagram as an illustration.

Step 5: Make the Cover.

Cut a sheet of heavy cover paper, 11.375" (11 3/8") by 4.5" (4 1/2')

(I cut down 12" scrapbooking paper when I have it. Otherwise, you can cut 8.5 x 11 heavy paper for a slightly smaller cover. After the folios have been glued, you will need to trim the page edges, unless you can live with the overhang!)

Fold so that there is a 3/8" spine in the center.

Place a strip of hot glue (yellow) slightly to one side from the center. (NOTE: The diagram is for a single-folio book. This book has two folios, so there will be two strips of glue.)

Step 6: Place Folios Into the Spine.

Fold the cover (red) as shown.

Place the first folio into the cover and press against the hot glue (blue dot).

Open. Put a second strip of hot glue (second blue dot).

Place the second folio into the cover.

Trim the cover if necessary.

Step 7: (Optional) Make the Magnetic Figures.

Cut out the figures from page nine. Attach magnetic strip to the back.