Introduction: Stranger Things Interactive Wall Art

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hello everyone,

here is a great beginner arduino + neopixel "art hack" - you can bring any art form into life with this very simple instructable. I decided to create the christmas light wall decoration from the netflix show "stranger things"

it has an onboard usb rechargable battery, so you can hang it up anywhere and still be able to demonstrate your art.!!

it also has an mini button to shuffle through pre-recorded spellings :)


materials needed;

1x arduino

26x neopixels

1x 470ohm resistor

1x 16V 1000uF capacitor

1x mini momentary switch

1x usb powerbank

few feet of thin solid core wire

involves using hot glue + soldering (learn)


let's make >

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Step 1: Design

included zip file includes the 2D vector drawings. and how I alligned the lights on the board, to figure out exact drilling spots. i used adobe illustrator to design..


i cut the parts using a local CNC machine. you can easily use hand tools to cut the parts, just be careful.. or even better search for a local makerspace, become a member and make something AWESOME. remember to sand everything nice and smooth :)


print the PDF file, which includes the picture to print and glue on the board. use US letter size paper and do not choose "fit to page" on print settings.

Step 2: Place Lights

we start assembly by hot gluing the neopixels to the frame

Step 3: Start Wiring

follow the diagram and take your time, especially if you are new to soldering.

you can use hot glue to first lay down the wire and secure it into place.

Step 4: Circuit

here is the full circuit. you can recharge the battery like a cell phone. and then use the usb cable to power the arduino either from the battery or from any usb outlet.



all the 5V + positive wires from the lights come together as one into arduino 5V pin

all the GND - negative wires from the lights come together as one into arduino GND pin

data in for first led goes into D6 on arduino


capacitor - negative leg goes to arduino GND pin with the light wires

capacitor + positive leg goes to arduino 5V pin with the light wires


resistor goes just before the first LED's Din pin

button 1 leg goes to GND

button opposite leg goes to D4 on arduino.

hot glue the battery to a place where the usb cable can easily connect

Step 5: Program

here is the arduino code;

feel free to comment below for help if you are new to arduino

Step 6: Place the Print

before gluing anything, place the print on the board to see if everything is aligned right.


if you hold it up to ambient light, you should see it come through the paper.


i used cardstock paper to make it more durable & spray glue to secure it down on the wooden board.

Step 7: Lights On

assemble rest of the frame to give it more of a picture frame look

now go ahead turn it on & hang it up :)


hope you enjoyed it and that this instructable will spark your creativity

please share, favorite + follow.!!

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