Introduction: Strong Knex Ramrod Instructions

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These are the things that you will need to build my ram rod.
Any rod bigger than blue
1 ball socket or a orange connector
1 old or new 64 rubber band
And electrical tape

This is my first ‘ible so please give me tips on how to make it better.

Step 1: Building Part 1

Get your rod and your ball socket or orange connecter and clip it on.

Step 2: Building Part 2

now get your electrical tape and and wrap it around your connecter about 2-4 times. After you finished doing that grab your rubber band and wrap it around the layers of electrical tape you added earlier.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Now all you need to do is wrap another few layers of electrical tape around the rubber band and you should be done.

Step 4: Finished

Yay you made it! now take a pic and I will upload it to the ‘ble. The first pic is mine. have fun with your new ramrod! I am OUT.