Introduction: Studio 54 Earring

- 2 brass ovals
- 6 brass discs
- 6 inches of brass chain, cut into 1 inch pieces
- 16 jump rings, 5mm
- 2 gold plated simple ear loops

- Permanent marker
- Chain nose pliers
- Eurotool hole punch
- Wire cutters
- Chasing hammer
- Steel bench block
- Rubber bench block
- Blue painters tape
- Pennybright metal cleaner

Step 1: Texture Discs With Hammer

Stack the steel bench block on top of the rubber bench block. This will protect your table and soften the noise from the hammering. Place a brass oval onto the steel bench block and use a section of painters tape to secure. Using the ball end of the chasing hammer lightly hammer the edges of the oval to create a dimpled look. Move the tape to hammer the entire edge of the oval. Remove oval from block and set aside. Repeat this to texture both ovals and all six discs.

Step 2: Punch Holes Into Discs

Using the permanent marker place dots on the brass discs where you want to punch the holes. Carefully punch each one with the Eurotool hole punch. Hammer the hole on each disc to flatten the edges of the hole.

Step 3: Clean Discs

Following the manufacturer's directions clean the brass shapes using the Pennybright metal cleaner. Dry completely. If you wish to seal the metal, apply the Renaissance Wax to the metal following the manufacturer's directions.

Step 4: Attach Discs to Ovals and Ear Wires

Using the chain nose pliers attach the chain and brass discs to the brass ovals. Attach the earwires with the remaining jump rings