Stuffed Toys Bike Trailer

Introduction: Stuffed Toys Bike Trailer

A stuffed toys trailer out of recycled materials for kids.

This instructable was inspired by a 4 year old who loves biking and always want to take his stuffed toys along with him on his bike adventures.


Trailer base:

  • Wood
  • Wheels
  • Nails

Trailer body:

  • Cardboard box
  • Cutter
  • Tape
  • Paint & brush (optional)

Trailer cover:

  • See-through plastic film
  • Duct tape
  • Velcro tape.

Step 1: Build the Trailer's Base

  1. Cut the wood to 4 equal sides (based on the desired size). In this project a 2" x 2" was used.
  2. Attach the wood together using wood glue and nails.
  3. Attach wheels.

Now your base is ready to go.

Step 2: Build the Trailer's Body

Using a cardboard box, cut the box as shown above and use tape to attach the sides to get the desired height.

Once done, paint the box with your kids' favorite colors!

For an extra nice effect, use a masking tape to create different patterns for a more professional look.

Step 3: Attach Body to Base

Use nails or stapler to attach the body to the base.

Step 4: Build the Trailer's Cover

    1. Recycle a see-through plastic to use as the cover. The thicker the plastic, the more sturdy it is.
    2. Cut the film to the desired size. It should be 2 inches bigger than the trailer body on each side and at least 3 inches longer on the top and bottom ends.
    3. Fix the top part to the body of the trailer and use duct tape to create a frame for smooth sturdy ends.
    4. Use Velcro tape to attach to both the end of the plastic file (over the duct tape frame) and the body of the trailer.

    Now the trailer cover is ready!

    Step 5: Attach to Kid's Bike

    Last step, attach the final trailer to your kid's bike using a sturdy ribbon or string.

    Step 6: Enjoy the Ride!

    For extra comfort and safety of the stuffed toys, a seat is added to the inside of the trailer using cardboard cut to fit the inside of the trailer.

    Get the stuffed toys in and enjoy the ride!

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