Introduction: Walking Pants

(This project was created by a 4th and a 7th grader)

Hello Makers,

In this Instructable we will teach you how to make a pair of pants- with a twist! .. Walking on their own!

One goal of this project is to create something that's cool and inspires other kids to create and learn robotics & programming, and of course have fun!!


  • 2 Ev3 kits

  • Duck tape

  • Clips

  • Pants

  • Cardboard

  • Scissors

  • Computer

Step 1: Attach All the LEGO to the Ev3

Watch the video above to see how to create the structure we have.

Step 2: Attach Cardboard to Ev3

To attach the cardboard to ev3 use duck tape to rap it around the Ev3 and cardboard- don't forget to make a hole for your start button!

Step 3: Put on the Pants

Find a pair of pants that fit how tall your cardboard is then clip it on using a clip.

Note: Pick small size pants to keep the stability of your structure.

Step 4: Download the Ev3 Classroom App

Click Here to download.

Step 5: Code Your Pants

Follow the code above using the drag and drop blocks on the left.

Note: This is for the simple moving forward program. This is the basic stepping stone for having a structure that you can later modify and use to learn more. For example: a sensor can be attached to the robot to detect an objects in front of it then rotate to avoid them.. Get creative!

Step 6: Congrats! 🎉

You have just created your moving pants!

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