Introduction: Phone Attachable Extra Finger

(This instructable was created by a 4th grader.)

Hello Makers,

In this instructable i will show you how to make a Door Opener!

Since COVID-19, we have been trying to not touch as many things outside the house. Since I thought the most convenient place to put your door opener would be your phone, I created it so that it is attachable to your phone!

Hope you enjoy this instructable!


3-D Printer


Step 1: Download the 3D Model

Click the link below ⬇️to download the file

Step 2: Geting It Ready to 3D Print (optional)

Right now it fits a phone with a width of 71mm (2.8in). If you would like to resize, follow the rest of this step otherwise skip this step.

Click import and choose the file you just downloaded open it on a 3D Printing software. I used then as shown in the second picture, pull that dimension to resize.

Step 3: Download Onto Your 3D Printer

Open it in Ultimaker Cura (or any other slicing software) and click slice, now download onto you 3D printer and turn it on (e.g. using Octopi).

Step 4: How to Use It

When you finish 3D printing your thing you can use it to open doors, click buttons, etc.

enjoy using your 3D printed door opener 😷

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