Introduction: Succinic Decoy

About: I like making jewelry of my own design. All elements are handmade like ancient masters used to do.

Эти серьги имеют сакральный смысл - поймать и
привлечь.Прозрачный желтый камень впитывал энергию Солнца. Он обладает необъяснимой теплотой ,почему этот камень назвали "Янтарная приманка". Серебряная полая трубка специально, чтобы не создавать нагрузку на ухо. Трубка свободно перемещаться кусок натурального янтаря . Цирконий в двусторонняя рамка жало крючка. Серьги выглядят накидной

Step 1:

Earring hooks are made of hollow silver tube .

Step 2:

The tools you will need.


Standard jewelers saw framess.


Silver soldering.

Solder flux.

Mini torch.

Flax shaft for polishing and removal of excess soldering.

To do a polish

Step 3:

Take a silver tube. You also need to get another two

sizes for it. Draw a picture of earrings. Put the silver tube close to the picture and give it a shape of the picture. Put your marks on it using saw frames. Divide it for two pieces. Solder a ring and a wire to the top of the lock. Put a piece of the smaller size tube into the bottom part and solder it. A frame for stones should be soldered in the end of the hook. Delete extra solder and polish the earrings. Fix cubic zirconium in the frame. Put the bait.

Step 4:

Amber. Take an overhead crust off. Polish a natural shape.

Drill holes for a tube. It is possible to make a set of pendants (baits) of different color and shape of amber. You can change baits anytime you like expressing your playful mood.

Step 5:

You can put the earrings on quickly and easily. If the

lock is rubbed you can deform the surface of the wire by extra notches. You can use the lock for a long time after that.

Step 6:

If you have bait you’ll definitely catch fish. Lucky fishing!

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