Introduction: Succulent Decoration/Necklace

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This is my first instructable, so please ignore the parts where I blabber on about everything. Anyway, let’s get going. I have lots of plants at home, and a hobby of mine is coming up with different ways to use them. (Yes. I literally have so much that I have to spend time thinking of ways to use them up)So I made these!


  • Small glass jar/bottle
  • Eye-pins (optional) (if you want it to be a necklace)
  • Twine, or some other string (optional) (look above)
  • Cork (look further for details)
  • Pieces of your plant
  • dirt+water
  • Toothpick or pencil (to stuff the dirt in)
  • Note: you don’t need a cork in this if you want your plants to grow from the top like mine

Step 1: Prep Your Workspace

As I was making these, I found that the bottles have very small openings, so it was very hard to get the dirt in without spilling any. Of course, you don’t have to do this if you are one of those certain individuals gifted with neatness. I, however, am not in that group of people. So yeah. If you’re unnaturally like me, then make sure to cover your table with newspaper or something like that (I just used my math notebook).
(again, if your super neat you can just skip this step)

Step 2: Forcing in the Dirt (and the Plant)

I just put a dot of hot glue on the end of a toothpick to make pushing to dirt in easier. It didn’t work though. On my first try, the hot glue "dot" was too big, and on my second try, the hot glue fell off inside the bottle. The toothpick still makes it easier (I think). I just want to mention here that I made the instructable after I made the actual necklace/decoration, so I just made some more to show what the process look like.
I found that it was easiest to put the plant in before you put in all the dirt (first put in a layer of dirt, then add your plant and continue adding dirt).
note:if you chose to use some other plant, be very careful with the roots. The reason I’m using succulent is because they can grow again if you break off a piece of them and I don’t have to worry about roots

Step 3: Necklace (optional)

if your bottle doesn’t have a cork, it is best if you don’t wear it because the dirt has a chance of falling out. However, if your plant is flourishing and cover most of the bottle’s opening, then you’ll probably be safe.
There are two ways to attach the twine (or some other string) to your bottle to make it a necklace:

1. Tie it around the neck of the bottle. Not the best, but it works. This is the only way I found to make it a necklace if it doesn’t have a cork
2. If yours does have a cork, then screw (or stab :) the eyepiece into the cork and thread your string into it.
(for some of mine I just tied some twine around the neck and made a bow)

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Step 4: Water Your Plant!!

this is an edit to remind you guys to water your plant if you make one of these because I forgot to (heh heh).

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