Introduction: Sugar Scrub Cubes (with Printable Labels)

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With all the options available at the stores you may want to try everything - including those nice smelling body scrubs.. but wait! Don't overcrowd your bathroom with too many jars and bottles because you can make your own natural sugar scrub cubes without chemicals that may hide in store bought scrubs. Make as many aromas and options as you like, as much as you need - saving space and environment one cube at a time.

I've added free printable labels (2 colors and 2 sizes) at the end of this instructable if you want to make this as a gift.. or like to keep things pretty for yourself. :)


    • 4 ounces/115 grams melt and pour soap base (can be bought from craft stores or online)
    • 1/4 cup (60ml) coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil or other oil of your choice
    • 1 cup (200g) sugar (brown or white)
    • Silicone mold or ice cube tray
    • 10 drops of essential oil of your choice
    • Microwave
    • Microwave safe bowls
    • Knife or grater
    • Spoons
    • Kitchen scale
    • Optional - coffee grounds, poppy seeds, dried flowers, soap dyes or pigments

      TIP: want to make more or less scrub? Use two times less or more ingredients.

    Step 1: Chop or Grate the Soap Base

    Chop the soap base in smaller chunks - 4 ounces/115 grams total. I chose a soap base that doesn't contain SLS and SLES. Remember to use a microwave safe bowl!

    TIP: if you want to make less or more, just use half of the amount or two, three etc. times of the amount mentioned above. I divided my soap between two bowls to make two different scrubs.

    Step 2: Add Oil

    Pour 1/4 cup (60ml) of oil into the bowl - I used olive oil but you could also use coconut or grape seed oil.

    Step 3: Melt the Mix

    Mix the soap and oil together and microwave until it melts - stop and stir with a spoon after every 10 seconds to check the progress. The time needed will depend on how big the soap chunks are and how much soap & oil you are heating. Took 3-4 10 second intervals for me to completely melt the mix.

    Step 4: Add Extras!

    Add a soap pigment/dye if you want your scrub to have a tint, and add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil - lavender, peppermint, citrus - whatever you like! I added a bit of dried flowers too.

    I added a pink soap pigment and grapefruit essential oil to one bowl (half of the total amount of oil & soap base). Other half has poppy seeds and yellow flower petals added.

    Step 5: Add Sugar and Mix

    Keep your mold close and be ready to work fast in the next step. Add sugar to the bowl and mix with a spoon quickly. The mixture will get jelly like consistency after a few seconds.

    Step 6: Fill the Mold

    Get your mixture into the mold. You'll probably have to use hands instead of a spoon. You can also make stripes in the middle of the cubes by filling the tray halfway, adding coffee grounds or poppy seeds and then adding the leftover scrub.

    Press down to fill the tray completely and avoid big holes. I used 2 trays and filled 2/3 of each - yours may be bigger or smaller so it can change. Place in a freezer for an hour.

    Step 7: Pop Out, Use or Gift!

    Pop the scrub cubes out of the tray, and keep in a airtight container to prevent drying out. Use them yourself or put some in a jar, add a nice ribbon and gift them to a friend who deserves a little SPA break (don't we all?).

    I've added a free printable label you can use - in two sizes and two colors. Have fun making!

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