Sugru Electronics Style Bracelet

Introduction: Sugru Electronics Style Bracelet

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Hi guys! This is one of our projects from 'Sugru Build Night'. It's very simple and cheap so anyone can build it.
Here is what you need:

1.) One Sugru pack (you choose your favorite color)
2.) Electronic components, ie. some resistors, capacitors, Integrated Circuits and so on. (You can also use some electronic junk material from your workshop)

Procedure is simple. Open one Sugru pack with your favorite color, make one long and one short piece as you can see in photos.
Long one should be long enough to fit around your or someone else's wrist (depends who you are making bracelet for :D)
The rest is up to your imagination. In photos you can see our version of design, with one IC bottom, two electrolytic capacitors, and few resistors.

Good luck and have fun :D   

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    Please accept my apology for taking so long to reply.

    It is simple project, maybe we can sort it under "fashion" accessories so it has no use, does nothing, it just looks nice.


    9 years ago

    very good I like it . but it is only picture! does it have problem???