Summer Delight Pops

Introduction: Summer Delight Pops

These are delicious pops that are easy and fun to make!

Step 1: Ingredients

Step 1: You will need:  • a banana
                                         • lemonade
                                         • raspberries (i used fresh but frozen would be OK too)

Step 2: Tools

Step 2: You will also need:  • Pop molds
                                                   • A spoon
                                                   • Hands!

Step 3: Raspberries

Step 3: Spoon a couple of raspberries at the bottom of each space 

Step 4: Lemonade

Step 4: Fill each space close to the top with lemonade... the raspberries will float a little

Step 5: Banana

Step 5: Chop up tiny pieces of banana and sprinkle a few in each space

Step 6: Freezer

Step 6: Put the tops on and place in freezer until hard

Step 7: Enjoy!

Step 7: Remove from freezer and enjoy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Raspberry and banana sound like a great combination - I've added them to my shopping list!

    [Ok, out of sheer snoopiness: In step six, what is the large, round object with the green arrow upon which your molds rest as your Delights freeze?]