Introduction: Summer Necklace!!

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I'll teach you how to make this beautiful and colorful necklace.
*This project is all about doing wrapping loops my favorite technic!! Just love it!!

Step 1: Materials Needed:

-Large and medium coral beads
*Opcional the type of beads.
-Charms or beads
-Large chain
-Wire cutters
-Round nose pliers
-Flat nose pliers
-Chain nose pliers

Step 2: Wrapping Loops

Create a wrapped loop, then place the bead(large) and finish with another wrapped loop.
*Repeat process with the large beads.
*One loop is larger than the other.

Step 3: More Wrapping

Having all the large beads wrapped, we make a loop without wrapped, then take a large bead and pass the wire through the small loop and wrapped. Then place the medium bead and finish with another wrapped loop.
*Repeat process with the meadium beads.

Step 4: Final Wrapping

Take the charms or beads you choosen and make a wrapped loop in each one. Grab a jumpring and join them with the beads that are already attach.
*Repeat process.
*For the earrings place your bead in the head pin and make a simple wrapped loop. Attach the fishhook to finish.

Step 5: Measure & Attach

Measure the desired length of the chain, then add the wrapped beads and clasp to the chain.

Step 6: Necklace Done!!

I hope you enjoyed the making of this necklace as I did!!

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