Introduction: Summer Yarn Earrings

Hello and welcome to my instructable!

I am excited because summer is here and its time to enjoy the warm temperatures, the sea, and some BBQ. Talking about BBQ's what's the best way to express yourself while with your friends than to put on a colorful piece of summer jewelry. This is why I've come up with this brilliant DIY design for my earings. A very simple but beautiful lightweight earrings made from wool/yarn.

Watch my video and see how I made these, or follow the steps below!


To make these earrings, you will need:

  • Wool
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle
  • Rhinestones crystal
  • Cardboard
  • A pair of scissors and coins or any round object for the shape.
  • A piece of tape
  • Cotton (preferably of the color of your wool/yarn) for stitching

Please watch the video to see the process of making it.

Step 1: Get Your Materials Ready!

Before you begin, make sure you have your materials ready. I used orange wool, but you may use any color of your choice.

Step 2: Measure and Cut Out the Shape Out of Your Cardboard.

As in the pictures, Place your coins on the cardboard and draw around them then cut out the shape.

Step 3: Get a String/ Piece of the Yarn and Twist It.

To do this, get a string/piece of the yarn and use a piece of your tape to tape down one side of it and then twist. Once twisted, double your yarn and twist a little more until you achieve a twisted rope-like result.

Step 4: Apply Your Glue to the Cardbord and Place Twisted Yarn

Apply the glue to the round-shaped cardboard cut-outs and place your already twisted yarn in a spiral direction.

Step 5: Turn It Over and Do Exactly the Same.

Turn it over and do exactly the same again. (Apply glue and place the twisted yarn in a spiral fashion until everything is fully covered. Cut off any excess yarn and seal with glue.

Step 6: Make 4 Pieces of Them.

Make 4 pieces, You will need 2 pieces for each earing.

Step 7: Stich the 2 Pieces Together.

Its time to stitch your 2 pieces together with the needle and cotton.

Step 8: Fix the Hook

Fix the hook on by stitching and sealing with glue.

Step 9: Add Your Rhinestones

Add your rhinestones with glue and your beautiful earrings are ready.

Step 10: Congratulations!

Congratulations on making your Summer Earrings!

Thank you for viewing this, and please vote for me in the jewelry contest if you liked it, and don't hesitate to ask questions if you need to! Bye!!! 😊

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