Introduction: Sun Dried Bitter Gourd Fritters

While slicing bitter gourds for cooking, I found that that the quantity is more than required for 2 of us. So, I have separated larger pieces, sun-dried them and made these tasty fritters. The bitter taste is reduced while sun-drying and children who do not like to eat bitter gourd vegetable also love to eat the fritters.

Step 1: Slice Bitter Gourd

  • Take 2 - 3 bitter gourds and slice them into round shapes.
  • Separate the larger pieces from from the slices. We will use the smaller ones for making vegetable and larger ones for making the fritters
  • Remove the seeds from the pieces and keep in a plate

Step 2: Add Spices and Keep in Sun Light

  • Take one tea spoon of salt, one teaspoon of Turmeric powder and one teaspoon of red Chilli Powder
  • Mix them all together, spread on the Bitter Gourd pieces and mix them well
  • Keep the spiced Bitter Gourd pieces in the sun for drying
  • After a day in the sun, the pieces are partially dried. On the second day they are fully dried and ready to make the fritters

Step 3: Make Batter Mix

  • Take one cup of Chickpea flour and add one tea spoon of Corn flour, salt to taste, half a teaspoon of Red Chilli powder and half a teaspoon of Cumin seed powder.
  • Mix all ingredients together well

Step 4: Make Batter and Dip Bitter Gourd Pieces

  • Add water the mix in the bowl and make a thick batter. If it is runny add small amount of corn flour
  • Dip each sun-dried Bitter Gourd pieces in batter and keep ready

Step 5: Deep Fry the Fritters

Heat enough oil for deep frying in a frying pan

When the oil is heated, add the batter-dipped bitter gourd pieces one by one to oil. Do not put all at once.

Step 6: Remove From Oil and Serve

  • Turn over the Bitter gourd pieces in oil so that all sides are fried evenly
  • When the pieces are properly done, remove from pan and drain out excess oil

Serve as an evening snack with coffee or tea. The fritters do not taste so much bitter after sun-drying, so kids who do not like bitter gourds will also love to eat them.

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