Introduction: Super Easy Jewelry Making Idea-inspired Single Pearl Necklace

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It’s an easy-to-follow and easy-to-practice jewelry making project. Via utilizing one of the common wire wrap techniques you will finish the adorable caged single pearl necklace with a few minutes.

Step 1: Supplies Needed in Single Pearl Necklace:

Pearl Beads

1mm Aluminum Wire



Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose

Plier Flat Nose Plier

Step 2: Wrap the Cage for Your Pearl

1. Take a proper long aluminum wire;

2. Curve up the right half portion. Stop when the largest circle reaches the circumference of your selected pearl bead;

3. Bend the left half part in an opposite direction;

4. Fold the finished “S” shape;

5. Clamp the two tips and pull outwards slightly. When get a primary cage shape, stop to fill in the pearl bead;

6. Place your bead into the cage;

7. Close the cage and adjust the coils evenly.

Step 3: Add on the Chain

While finish making the pearl pendant, you may complement a chain part for an entire necklace. For my piece, I only choose a chain strand that allow to put on and off easily.

Cut the chain, slide on the pearl bead pendant and then connect the two links on ends for a complete loop.

Step 4:

Tada, you’ve already made your single pearl necklace done!

In fact, there is nothing more elegant than a pearl bead accessory on you. While it is recommended as symbol of noble and state, you do really cannot miss this jewelry making project.