Introduction: Suspended Garden Bridge

I decided a suspended, one-pole with inox wiring as a garden decor.

Step 1: Simple Wood Construction

The wooden construction is simple, with two long beams 140cm, vertical, connected with 30cm cross beams over them. The two poles attached in the sides had to bear the wiring.

Step 2: Wiring

The inox wires were cut in various lengths (45, 65, 95cm) and eyeholes were fixed at their ends, carefully soldered.

Step 3: Fixing the Wiring

The eyholes were fixed with screws on the inner side of the poles and the other end on the outer side of the long beams to be kept straight. Take care that they can afford any temperature change, they might loosen or pulled so tightly that can brake. The best solution might be a spring with continuous tense, but it comes complicated.

Step 4: Assembled

Painted and assembled with its wiring before carried in its position.