Introduction: Swan Choux (Cream Puff)

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These swan cream puffs are cute for wedding party!

From the same recipe, you can make regular cream puff/profiterole, fruit basket or even seafood basket, and also eclairs.

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

To make your swans the same in size, make templates.

For the neck, I made several different drawings as I wanted the swans to kinda look differ one to another (you know, not all stiff S neck, if you get what am saying :))

Place templates on baking sheet and top with parchment papers


100 g butter, no subs

260 cc water

145 g flour

4 eggs

Bring water and butter to boil, lower heat

Stir in flour until thickened and pulled away from sides of pan, let cool to room temperature

Beat in egg one at a time (you can use whisk balloon but that is tiring IMO), until mixed well

Pour dough into piping bag and pipe following the templates

Bake at 350 F for 20 mins for the body, and 10 mins for the neck

Take one body and slice (easier cut with kitchen scissor) horizontally (halved horizontally)

Leave one side as is and fill/pipe the filling, and cut the other side into wings

Push wings and neck onto cream and your swan is ready

Filling A:

400 ml milk

75 g sugar

1 pouch vanilla sugar (8 g)

Filling B:

60 g flour

30 g corn starch

a dash of salt

50 g sugar

Filling C:

2 eggs

1 tbsp butter

Bring to boil Filling A, then pour mixture into Filling B, stir to combine

Bring back mixture to boil, take off from heat. Add in Filling C, stir

Place pot back on stove and cook until thickened

Let cool to room temperature, stirring occasionally

NOTE: to make eyes, just melt chocolate and dot with toothpick!

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