Introduction: Sweater Bracelets

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Hello all,

My oldest DD wanted to make a bracelet for a sick friend, this is what we did.   I found myself ransacking my sweater stash to pick out colors she liked.  Went looking for beads and found a box of old jewelry to play with.   They chose the beads because they were colorful and some actually glow in the dark. 

Step 1: Choosing the Right Stuff.

After going through 2 bags and a couple of racks we found sweaters to repurpose.  These are stained or felted or torn, but still have a lot of good material in them.   My oldest chose the hot pink, my youngest chose the purple and I liked the beaded cream sweater.  I took another sweater and cut off its sleeve in strips, which I stretched into thin strings.  The girls both designed and created patterns with the beads.  They had to rethink their patterns when they realized they were longer than the bracelet.

Step 2: Progress

For mine I used the strings that were holding on the beads and did a wavy pattern.  Sarah and Hannah needed little holes snipped into theirs for the beads.  We weaved a heavy piece of white string through the holes and strung a bead onto it.

Step 3: A Real Beading!

Here's the beginning set of beads and strings.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Here they are all done and pretty.  Not bad for an rainy afternoon.  The smaller ones are going to a neighbor friend to cheer her up after surgery.