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My group of friends decided to go as the Muppets for Halloween this year and the costumes were really fun to put together. I was given the role of the Swedish Chef, which was incredibly lucky as I already had a chef hat, bow tie, and my super awesome Instructables apron! The apron came in a prize pack for another Instructable I made, so this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Apart from these basic props, I needed to Swedish my costume up by adding some of that famous facial hair and bushy eyebrows. A fuzzy scarf (more like a stuffed animal in the shape of a scarf?) was just the thing! See below for extra details on creating this Instruct-a-Muppet.

Step 1: Gather Your Props

Depending on what you have already, you might have to make more pieces. I had been given a chef hat last Christmas and no Swedish Chef costume should be without this key prop. You could have a lot of fun making this! Simple paper wrapped around your head with a plastic bag for a plume and you'd be in business.

Step 2: Pin the Eyebrows

Sometimes facial hair adds a ton of personality to the character, but it's impractical to really wear it, especially for a whole evening. I got around this by pinning the bushy eyebrows to the brim of the hat (overhanging them a bit so they look like they are sitting on my forehead, somewhat). I used safety pins first and straight pins the second time. Safety pins are, well, safer :-P

Constructing the eyebrows was easy with the right material. This all came from a fuzzy scarf at a thrift store and the mustache matches. I trimmed them into the general shape I wanted and took the fuzz level down a bit.

Step 3: Photobooth-esque Mustache

The mustache adds a lot of this character but breathing, drinking, eating, and talking would all be difficult with this strapped to my face. I decided to go the photobooth prop route and put it on a stick. With the limited tools I had, I put a wooden infuser stick into a wine cork for cross support and then used some red tape to hold the fuzzy material in place underneath. Worked like a charm and was solidly in place all evening. When I wanted to pose or be fully in character I could take it out of my apron pocket (convenient!) but the rest of the evening I wasn't inhibited.

In a related story, Miss Piggy had a hard time coping with her snout. Nose-related props are difficult! Take some dedication, I tell ya.

Step 4: Hang Out Muppets Style

I ran around with my Muppet gang and had a great time! A Where's Waldo at the party we were at tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to stir a giant pot of tomato soup. At first, I wondered why he picked me and then I realized I showed up to the party with wooden spoon, whisk, and apron. Good call, Waldo - and thanks for the delicious soup.

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