Introduction: Swinging Pot

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Recently I got really enthusiastic about doing macrames and growing / taking care of plants. This is a product of joining my two new hobbies together.

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Step 1: Tools and Ingredients

For Swinging pot you will need:


- hot glue gun

- battery drill

- paintbrush

- old newspaper

- scissors


- rope (~ 5 m)

- piece o wood

- magnet (you can harvest it from an old HDD drive)

- screw

- paint for wood

- terracotta pot

- soil and plant of your choice

- 2 toothpicks

- 2 popsicle sticks

Step 2: Preparing Wooden Part of the Swing

- Take a piece of wood of your choice and cut it to size of about 10 by 3 cm (depending of the size of your pot).

- Mark for drill holes about 1 cm from each edge of the wooden board.

- It is best to start drilling with a thinner drill piece and increase the thickness with each run, so the board won't break apart.

- Paint your wooden board (optional).

Step 3: Preparing Ropes for the Swing

- Cut your rope to the length of about 2 m (2 pieces) and 50 cm (2 pieces).

-Take one 2m and one 40 cm piece of rope and fold them in half.

-Tie one rope around the other as seen on the picture. You should have a loop at the top.

- Repeat the pattern on the picture untill you get about 7 cm of the macrame. It is important to leave the shorter ropes in the middle untouched and only use the longer ones to create this pattern.

- To create a second pattern, just take one of the longest ropes and wrap it around the other ones for about 3 cm.

- Return to pattern one for about 7 cm.

- Repeat the whole process for the other rope.

Step 4: Creating a Swing

- Push both ropes through the holes on the wooden board.

- Repeat pattern 2 from previous section for about 2 cm and tie a knot at the end.

- Do the same for the other rope.

- Cut all ropes to the same size.

Step 5: Tassels

- break apart all the ropes as much as possible.

- Use leftover pieces of rope from previous step and create a braid out of them.

- cut one end of the braid and glue it with hot gun. Repeat on the other side of the braid.

- Wrap the braid around the tassel and glue both ends of the braid together.

- Repeat the process on the other rope.

- Trim tassels evenly to size.

Step 6: Magnet Implant

- Screw a small screw on the middle of the wooden board.

- Hot glue a small but relatively powerfull magnet to the bottom of the pot.

- Stabilize the fixture with toothpics - push them through the middle of the macrame rope, where it sits in the wooden board, so the pot does not overturn so easily.

Step 7: Hang It, Plant It, Swing It

- Use popsicle sticks to hang your swing (you can use alternative methods, depending of your location of the swing).

- Check for stability of the pot on a swing.

- Plant your favourite plant.

Step 8: Enjoy

- Rest your eyes on your little indoor jungle. ;)

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