Introduction: Paper Clay Boho Hanging Pot

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This hanging pot is a great way of reusing an old and ugly plastic pot for your indoor plants. I combined the love for boho style and clay crafting for this project.



- paper clay (you can make one at home)

- plastic pot

- 3 small hooks

- black acrylic paint

- gold paint for glass

- one chopstick

- jute cord

- black and gold thread

- black wool


- needle

- dremel / small saw

- drill

- hot glue gun

- scissors

- brush

Step 1: Paper Clay

Because a lot of people already made paper clay tutorials, I will not make that again. I used the recipe in the video below:

paper clay tutorial

Step 2: Apply Paper Clay on a Plastic Pot

Wrap a plastic pot with paper clay. It's better if you make just a thin layer, so it can dry quickly. This layer must be thick enough, so you can not see any plastic from the pot. When the first layer is dry, you can add some thicker sculptures to the pot. I decided to make a sun on one side and the moon on the other side. After you apply thicker forms, let it dry again.

Step 3: Colouring

When the paper clay is dry, you can paint it. I used black acrylic paint for this pot. When it is dry, you can add golden paint for glass. Let it dry again.

Step 4: Add Decorative Strings

Turn the pot upside down and mark 6 points on the bottom edge, where the decorative strings will be attached. Drill holes for strings where the markings are made. Make sure that they are wide enough.

Then cut 6 strings (approximately 20 cm long) and insert them through the holes. Turn the pot around and make a knot on the end of each string as you see on the pictures.

Step 5: Cover the Bottom

Then use a hot glue gun to cover the bottom of the pot with string in a spiral pattern. Another step is to merge the attached 6 strings and fasten them together.

Step 6: Decoration

Use a small piece of felt and make some embroidery with golden string. Then sew the ends of felt together on a bunch of strings.

Cut 8 strings (approximately 20 cm long) and make a square shape as it is seen in the picture. Insert a bunch of strings in the middle and tighten the square. Then bring all strings together and tie them. I used black wool. Cut the strings at the end and separate each string on smaller strings so you get more volume.

Step 7: Hanging Strings

For this step, I used a chopstick that was already in the trash (any type of similar spare wood stick would do the trick). Make 3 holes and then cut out 3 parts of the stick with a hole in the middle. Paint these pieces with black acrylic paint. Then grab 3 hooks and joint them together with wooden pieces. Now cut three 40cm long strings. Fold them in half and make a knot as you can see it on the picture. Combine strings and hooks. Next you should combine all strings together with a knot and your hanging strings are done. Snap the hooks into the edge of the pot and your boho hanging pot is finished.

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