Introduction: Wall Tapestry

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If you want to decorate your empty wall, you can try this instructable. You just need three things and no special skills are required. If you do not have everything from the equipment you can easily improvise.



- fabric (28 x 25 cm)

- yarn (black, red and white)

- a stick


- scissors

- sewing machine

- sewing pins

- thread (white)

- marker (red)

- needle

- embroidery hoop

- iron

Step 1: Embroidery

Get a fabric (28 x 25 cm) and draw a sketch of a woman's face on it with a red marker. For embroidery part use backstitch technique. For details about this technique, you can use this instructable. You just have to follow the line you created previously with a red marker. After that, make red lips.

Step 2: Sew the Edges

Fold the edge of the fabric 2 times and use an iron to fix it in place. Secure it with pins and sew it. First, do this on the left and ride edge of the fabric and then on the top and the bottom.

Step 3: Tassels

Sew tassels on the bottom edge of the fabric one by one. Make tassel with rya knot (It is shown on the second picture how to do that). One tassel is made from 5 strings (15 cm long) of white yarn. The second tassel is black and a little bit longer.

Step 4: Add a Stick

Combine fabric and stick with white yarn. It is shown on the second picture how I sewed stick on the fabric. For the last step, you just need to add a string on the stick so that you could hang your tapestry on the wall.

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