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Introduction: Swivel Leather Key Fob

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In this guide I will show how I made my basic Swivel Leather Key Fob. It is a really project and can be done with minimal tools. For a detailed video please check my YouTube Channel. I was fed up of my key scratching my phone screen so decided to make this to prevent that and keep them organised.

For this you will need;

  • Strap of Leather
  • 15mm Binding Post
  • Rubber Washers
  • Hole Puncher
  • Knife
  • Edge Beveller

Step 1: Cut Leather to Size

I got my keys together, and using the largest key I measured how long the leather needed to be. I am using a predyed veg tan leather strap that is 32mm wide and 2.4mm thick. I held the longest key near the edge, folded it over so there would be enough room for the key to swivel but still be a tight fit. Over time the leather will loosen a little so best to go on the tight side to start with.

I then took my sharp knife and cut the leather to length.

Step 2: Round & Bevel

I took a small 5pence coin and used it as a template to round over the corners the the strap. This gives the leather a nice round look and sits more comfortably in my pocket. This is actually the second one I have made, the first time I didn't do this and it looks great as well, I just wanted to try something different.

Once that was done I took my edge beveller and went round all the edges, top and bottom.

Step 3: Punch & Stack

I took my longest key again and marked where to punch the holes. I probably could have been a bit more accurate and perfectly measured the centre here, but I just eye-balled it and it worked out just fine. I used 15mm binding posts that are around 4mm thick, so just used the 4mm cutter on my hole punch.

I then put the binding post through the hole and started to place my keys on. In between each key I just used a rubber washer, this helps separate the keys from each other making it easier to swivel them out when you need.

Once that was done I just screwed the end cap on tightly.

Step 4: You're Done!

That's it. This project is really easy to do and quite fast. You can make it longer or shorter if wanted, or choose any other colour. I would have liked a more narrow cut, but they electric fob for my office is quite wide and I didn't want it poking out the edges.
If you make your own make sure to share with me I would love to see it! And head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe for all future updates.

Step 5: The Shopping List

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5 years ago

Maybe a small magnet could hold all keys in place...


5 years ago

It looks really cool and also useful, nice job. I have one question though. Do you think it is a good idea to add some kind of spring so you always have some tension on the keys or does that ruin something?


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks! Could do, might be something to try next time. I like the idea of them springing out like a flick knife. But they are quite tightly held in so don't come out until you physically pull them. The first attempt I used 20mm binding posts and it was way too loose. Glad you enjoyed it though :)


Reply 5 years ago

I don't mean a spring to flick them out, but a spring over the binding posts so it "pushes" the keys to one side. That way it doesn't really matter if the leather doesn't have a tight fit.