Introduction: Sword & Shield Pillow!

For making yourself invincible in pillow fighting and for epic nap taking!

Step 1: Supplies!

You'll need:
Gray or Silver Fabric
Brown Fabric
Gold Fabric or Ribbon
Gray Thread
Brown Thread
Gold/Yellow Thread
Stuffing for Your Pillow
Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine
Pen or Fabric Pencil

Note: I didn't need a whole lot of fabric for this stuff. I had 1/2 a yard of gray and could have squeezed 3 blades out of it. The one each roll of large gold ribbon and small gold ribbon were plenty as well. I had a ton of brown fabric from a previous project but I'm sure 1/2-1 yard would be enough for one shield.

Step 2: The Blade!

Lay out the gray fabric and grab a measuring tape, scissors, and pen/pencil to mark with.
Draw out one straight line measuring 25 inches in length.
From that line, measure 5 inches in width and make a little dash.
From that dash draw another line measuring 25 inches in length parallel to the first line.
Next at the top of the lines, draw the point of the blade.
Cut out your measured blade and use it to cut out a second blade.
Set these aside for now.

Step 3: The Hilt!

For the hilt, grab a cut of brown fabric and fold it in half.
Sketch out a "T" shape using the measurements in my photos as a guide.
Cut out the "T" shape from the fabric and this will be the hilt or handle to your sword.

Step 4: Putting the Sword Together!

Take a blade cut out and a hilt cut out and pin them together as shown in the photos.
Repeat this with the 2nd blade and hilt cut out.
Sew along the edge so that the blade and hilt are sewn together.
This is also a good time to sew on any gold detailing you want onto the hilt.
I just added 2 gold stripes to each hilt, but you can get creative. I suggest keeping to fabrics and not using buttons and gems as you will be using it to sleep and/or pillow fight with and there is no need to injure yourself or a friend.
Once you have sewn the blade to hilt and detailed it is time to put the sword together.
Lay one of the finished blade/hilts face up with the detail showing.
Then lay the second blade/hilt on top of it, face down.
Pin the two of these along the edges and sew them together, leaving the point of the sword open so you can stuff it.
After sewing the sword together except for the point, turn it inside out.
Stuff with filling.
Use a needle and thread to close up the opening.

Step 5: The Shield!

Lay out your brown fabric and cut out a large circle from it.
The diameter of the circle I cut was 22 inches.
I cut half, flipped it over, and cut the second half so it was even.
Repeat this so you have 2 large circles both 22 inches in diameter.

Step 6: Detailing and Finishing the Shield!

The first large circle will be the face side of the shield. Use the gold ribbon and sew detail on it however you like.
For the second circle, cut a strip of brown fabric to act as the handle strap. 6-8 inches should do.
Sew this on the center of the circle.
Next, lay the first piece face up. Place the second piece on top of it with the handle side facing down.
Pin these together and sew them shut with the exception of a small opening to fill the pillow with.
After sewing it almost all the way shut, turn the shield inside out so that the detailing and handle now show.
Stuff the pillow and use a needle and thread to close the opening up.

Step 7: Finished!

Now enjoy! May you win every pillow fight and defeat every nap!
Also suggested use while watching the new Game of Thrones season!

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