Introduction: TABAG (Table and Bag Hybrid)

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Is it a Table? Is it a bag? No!! It's the TABAG!!!! A cool hybrid of a side table and a bag. This is really easy to make and can prove to be useful for almost all kinds of people. From college students to frequent campers, anybody can make it and use it. It is also a really cool addition to home. With that being said, let's start making it...

Step 1: Materials Required...

You need the following items to make your very own TABAG:-
1. Corrugated Cardboard or Flex sheet (I used cardboard)
2. Tape
3. Cutter
4. Scissors
5. Ruler
6. Help of this instructable by Anirudh Ralhan(hee..hee).

And that's it!! Let's start making it.

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard..

Cut the cardboard into given squares of any dimension you like. Mine were 10×10 inches. Next, take two of the squares and mark their diagonals to divide them each into four triangles. Cut the triangles. Out of the total of 8 triangles, we need only 6. Set the rest of the two triangles aside. Next, take two more cardboard squares and place them as shown in the picture 5. The arrows indicate the direction of the flutes of the cardboard. Corrugated Cardboard get their strength from their flutes. Therefore, it's really important to place them in the right direction. Place the two cardboard squares and cut in them two small rectangular holes as in picture 6 to form handles of the bag.

Step 3: Tape the Cardboard...

Arrange the Cardboard pieces as shown in the first picture. The arrows indicate the direction of the flutes in which they should be kept. The other symbol indicates that the direction of flutes don't really matter in those cardboard pieces. Attach Tape to join the edges of two cardboard pieces. Do this for all pieces as shown in 4th picture. Now, take a look at the 5th picture. You need to join edge 1 to 2 ; 3 to 4 ; 5 to 6 and edge 7 to 8. This will help form a box. I even attached tape to the outside, open edges to give it the clean finish.

Step 4: Finished!!

And Viola!!! you just made the very own TABAG.(or BAGLE or whatever you prefer to call it. Let me know in the comments). Turn the Box upside down to turn it into a table. You'll be surprised to see the strength of the table. THAT'S the power of corrugated cardboard. To turn it into a bag, Turn it upside down again to have the open ends facing you. Then, push the cardboard pieces with handles cut towards inside. You'll see that it transforms into an elegant bag with sufficient capacity!!

Go make your own TABAG!! You can decorate or modify it according to your style. Anyway, Have fun making it :) :) :)