Introduction: TEACH BACK: How to Draw Anime Eyes

If you're looking on how to draw anime eyes then you can take these steps. Hopefully these steps will be helpful.


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Color pencils or markers (Optional)

Step 1: Draw the Base

Draw it like you're starting to draw a circle, but when you start to make the curve, curve it down. Don't rush it.

Step 2: Draw the Eyeball

Starting from the top of the base, draw a circle for the eye.

Step 3: Draw the Pupil

Make a small oval in the middle of the eye. Fill in the oval.

Step 4: Draw the Shine

Draw one big circle in the top corner of the eyeball. Then draw a small circle in the bottom corner, on the opposite side of the eyeball.

Step 5: Draw the Eyelash

Start at the beginning of the base and and make a small curve when you get to the side. Then draw a line down to the bottom of the side of the base. Color in the eyelash.

Step 6: Color in the Eyeball

You can use a pencil, marker, or a color pencil to lightly color in the eye. Make sure to not color in the two circles that are meant to be the shine.

Step 7: Credit!