Introduction: THE Light Bulb Hide Away

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Today we are going to be making a light bulb ''secret safe'' so let's get right into it.

Step 1: Finding the Right Bulb

The first thing you will need to do is find a light bulb with a plastic middle body this is super important. These light bulbs are '' energy saving'' you can find any of these at your local Walmart usually.

Step 2: Taking Apart the Bulb

Ok, you have found the right bulb. Now it is time to take it apart, there is a seam around the plastic part of the bulb. take a mini flathead screwdriver and try very carefully to pry it apart look to picture #1. After you have done that there should be a circuit board and wires that lead down to the socket take all of those things out as shown in pics #2-#8. ( remember handle with care so you are not to damage or break the bulb.)

Step 3: Getting Inside the Bulb

Ok, this part was very tricky. (I would recommend using gloves.)

As you can see in the pictures you can see this clay stuff I honestly don't know what it was but its hard to get off you need to get most of this clay off the glass ( In pic 3.) get the clay off that. once all that stuff is all off be careful and pull the last piece of plastic off. once that is done, take the swirly bulb out of the first bulb.

Step 4: Putting It Together

Ok after you are done it should look like the to picture where you only have the two plastic parts and the one glass bulb.

Ok, now you are ready to put it together now. All you need to do is click them all together, and it should look like pic 4. Now you are done, but I chose to put some calk in the two holes in the middle piece of plastic.( Look in pics 6-7.)

Step 5: Your Done

Ok, you're done, now you can start putting things together and plug it into a socket. Thank you for looking at my build and please comment if you liked it or if you think i could have done something better. Thank you and have a good day;-)

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