Introduction: THUG LIFE Starter Pack Made Using Tapes

How to live THUG LIFE? It's very simple. Things you need are 8 bit glass, cigarette, and chain with DOLLA SIGN. Here is the instruction of how to make these staff using tapes.

Step 1: Things Needed

Materials you need:

- Tapes (black, white, aluminium, and paper tapes)

- Cardboard paper (i used box)

- White paper

Tools you need:

- Pencil and ruler

- Scissors and paper knife

- Matches

That's all it takes!

Step 2: 8-bit Glasses

THUG LIFE glasses look ridiculously cool because of its 8-bit resolution.

1. Draw the figure of the glasses on cardboard paper as drawn on Picture


- 5x5mm per pixel

- Front view of glasses 30x6 pixels = 15x3cm

- Temples of glasses 24x3 pixels = 12x1.5cm

2. Cut the figure as drawn

3. Unroll the black tape, put the front part and the temples together on it. Cut the tape for enough size, rip up the tape as shown in Picture, then fold and stick. Stick some of tape to complete the inner side of the glasses.

4. Cut out 16 quadrat pieces of white tape with 5x5mm(pixel) size. Stick the pieces on the glasses as shown on Picture


Step 3: Cigarette

The world's biggest cigarette evaa!

1. Roll the white into conical shape and clinch with paper tape in order to keep in shape. Cut the end of a cone to make it smaller.

2. Coat it up fully with white tape.

3. Burn the edge a little bit using matches. (warning: be careful with using matches)

4. You can put a wrapped paper (colored with red) into the hole to make it look like it's really lightened on

TA-DA! Look what you've got in your hands!

Step 4: Dollar Sign

Don't ever imagine THUG LIFE without Dolla Sign XD

1. Draw the sign on cardboard paper (Picture )

Size - 80x45mm

2. Cut the figure as drawn (Picture 3)

3. Make a hole on the top to insert the chain.

4. Coat the both sides with Aluminium tape.

Step 5: That's All Folks!!

Step 6: Once You're Done, Here's the Last Thing You May Need

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