Introduction: TJASTR2

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It's finally here, just in time for christmas! I'm posting this a couple of days early because there are loads of guns coming out for christmas, (because everyone decided to go with all the cool kids doing it) and I don't want this to get overlooked.
This is my latest gun. I've been working on it slowly for about two months, and I'm still modding as I am writing. I think three people have seen this gun via MSN, maybe more. Anyway, this gun is made special for its angled mag and many extras. These are, as follows:

 * 8 round angled magazine.
 * Larger 16 round angled magazine.
 * Hand grip.
 * Bayonet.
 * Bipod.
 * Precision sight.
 * Medium range scope.
 * Long range scope.
 * Noob tube! (Grenade launcher, if you aren't familiar with CoD).

 * Textured butt.
 * Ironsights.
 * Triggerguard.
 * True trigger.

The main feature I wanted to have on the gun, at the start, was the very reliable angled magazine. I made the magazine first and was experimenting with ways to put it in and take it out of a gun. I made a large pistol to experiment on, and I eventually came up with a very nice angled magazine which enhanced both the looks and function of the gun. I soon decided to build a rifle from the pistol and add more features, just because i could.

Version History:
V2.0 - Not really a version 2 of the original TJASTR, I just named it appropriately for lack of an interesting name. This was the rifle version of the gun I previously described. It had a true trigger and the angled mag.
V2.1 - I made some structural changes and made the body smaller because it was a massive piece hog, while I added a trigger guard
V2.2 - I modded the firing pin/guide to stay more stable and modded the stock to be textured.
V2.3 - I made the bottom rail system and made a bayonet and grip to add to it.
V2.4 - I made the rest of the remaining features, and modded the bottom of the handle so that it wouldn't tilt to the side when the bipod is being used. This is the version posted.

I decided to name it TJASTR2 instead of TJ-ASTR V2.4, simply because it sounded better. I took out the hyphen simply so that it would be easier to type.

War gun: Primary - 4/5. It's power is above average at 55 ft at absolute max, and 45 ft average. However, its slower rate of fire lets it down, which is why I would definitely use the TR18 as my primary instead.
War gun: Secondary - 5/5. Perfect for the role. High RoF doesn't matter in the case of a secondary gun, and the power is better suited for the situations in which the secondary will be used.
War gun: Sniper - 3/5. Its accuracy isn't as fine tuned as a dedicated sniper such as the SRV2 has. The scopes and sights are close enough for aimed shots, though.
Fun gun - 5/5. Really fun; I sit down and play with it whenever I am in my room. Even when I am supposed to be doing something else, I think I'm drawn towards it.

Merry christmas instructables, and thank you for all the help I've had this year. Even if you don't really like building or playing with K'Nex, this gift is really for everybody. Thanks for the support everybody!

(P.S. - My camera spazzed out on me, so the pictures are bad. I can still comprehend them, but i've added image notes on particularly bad photos.)

Step 1: Handle and Stock

This is the rear portion of the gun. It houses part of the trigger and the drawback area of the pin. It features a textured butt.
Watch out, there are some complicated parts in the butt and handle, so concentrate.
1)Build this.
2)Build these.
3)And this.
4)Different angle.
5)Add this plate to the handle.
6)Add this.
7)Add this.
8)Add this part from pictures 3/4.
9)Finish the handle.
10)Build all of these.
11)And this.
12)Alternate view.
13)Add it here (I took off part of it, do this now.)
14)Add this part.
15)Add the part you took off.
16)Build this part and gather the blue spacers.
17)Add it to the stock/handle.
18)Build this.
19)Finish it off by adding the side.

Step 2: Main Body - Part 1

Here, you wil start on the front portion of the gun. There is a lot of stuff here, so concentrate again.
1)Build 2 of these.
2)Add these to one of them.
3)Build this.
4)And this.
5)Add them here.
6/7)This is one part. Hopefully you can see what it is. The first picture here has the grey-orange-orange part taken off.
8)Put it on here.
9)Make this.
10)Add it here.
11)Build all of these.
12/13)Add them on here.
14)Build these.
15)Add them.
16/17)Build this. Note the 2 hard-to-see grey rods I have hilighted.
18)Add it; this is what you should have so far.

Step 3: Main Body - Part 2

Here you will add the rear to the front and finish the bare essentials of the gun, minus the mag.
1/2)Connect them up, and add the front plate.

Step 4: Magazines and How to Add Them

These are the two sizes of magazine in the gun. The smaller holds 8 blue rods, and the larger holds 16. You can add one or two more in either one, but it becomes very unreliable and sometimes explosive.
Both of the pushers introduce a new feature. A small green rod is all it takes to do the following:
a)Keep the mag pusher from going too high and being destroyed by the pin in the event of an accidental dry fire when the mag is empty.
b)Keep the mag pusher from going too high into the gun and being practically impossible to take out.
c)Make sure you can hold the empty mag one handed.
1)This should be simple enough. If you need more photos, tell me, but it should be fine.
2)Apply the pusher, it shouldn't go too high.
3)This is the optional assault mag, which has double the optimum capacity. It holds 16. Just add 2 more units to the pusher.

Step 5: Introduction to Extras

My SOpMod extras make a return, this time much much better.
2 rail systems, one on the bottom and one on the top allow many features to be added easily and quickly.
There are 2 slots on the bottom set, and 6 useable ones on the top. I refer to these as hilighted in the diagram.

Step 6: Handgrip

This is the vertical grip at the front which allows for an easier and more comfortable hold on the gun.
This, ideally fits onto the bottom rail slot 2.
It should be easy enough to see how to build it.

Step 7: Bayonet

This is built mainly for visuals, and is thus pointless unless melée rules are implimented into a K'Nex war. It is only compatible with the Bottom rail slot 1.

Step 8: Bipod

This is almost exactly the same as The_Burrito_Master's bipod on his Moretti sniper, except I did it from memory. This fits best on slot 2.
Build from the pics.

Step 9: Noob Tube!

This is the noob tube, or grenade launcher if you aren't familiar with CoD. However, it is basically a tube and stick gun, so I'm calling it a noob tube. It just launches grenades. This takes up both of the bottom slots.

Step 10: Precision Sights

This just clips on and off allowing precision shots to be made. It works best at ranges of around 30 ft. It works just the same as the ironsights, it just depends on what you prefer looking down. Fits on top slot 1 or 2. To attach, put the blue rod which is kept in the red connectors through the top slot hole you are using, and then clip the red connectors over the top of it. It should clip on there rigid and not move.

Step 11: Medium Scope

This is for medium range shots. Unlike most scopes, it is set at the side, much like the VSS vintorez in real life, so that it is more comfortable to look down. The crosshair at the end is made by adding 4 of the pieces in picture 3 under the tyre. Fits sideways on the top slot 2. Put the blue rod through the hole and push it until it clips into place. It shouldn't wobble up or down.

Step 12: Long Range Scope

This is longer and allows more precision at further ranges. It doesn't do much more than the medium scope, it just looks better and helps you be identified as a sniper. I find it more comfortable to look down, and the rubber tyre at the back allows you to put your eye right up to the scope, without disturbance from elsewhere. It also has a crosshair at the end under the tyres. This fits on top slot 2 or 3, slot it on from the side with the blue rod in the hole until it clips into place.

Step 13: Loading and Firing

Apply the rubberbands as shown in the first picture.

To load, pull  down the pusher on the mag and put on a green rod like shown in the picture. Then, put 8 blue rods in (16 if you are using the larger mag size). Then, put the mag into the gun so that it clips in. This is because the black y connectors on the top click into the yellow connectors and lock it in. Shake the gun for the first few tries so that you know it is in properly. You will get the feel of it soon.

Then, pull back the pin until the trigger locks upwards, and pull the trigger to fire. Repeat 8 times (or 16) until the gun is emptied.

Step 14: Troubleshooting

Q: My magazine has trouble staying in!
A: Make sure that you are putting it in all the way. If not, apply tape onto the white rod on the mag which comes into contact with the blue connector.

Q: Sometimes my firing pin doesn't come into contact with the ammo!
A: At moments like this, nudge the bottom of the mag pusher and allow the ammo to angle. Because of this angle, there is less friction, allowing the blue rod to fly farther. Sometimes, it fails to angle upwards. If this persists, use a different rubberband.Experiment.

Q: My trigger blocker doesn't go into the barrel slot!
A: If this happens, pull the trigger all the way down and then pull your finger off, flicking it upwards. If you get into a habit of the flick after each trigger pull, this shouldn't happen at all.

Q: Anything else?
A: Comment here and I'll answer for you, and put it up.

Step 15: Your TJASTR2s

Post any pictures of yours when you finish building them! Take pics of your favourite set up, or just the bare essentials, maybe even your own attachments that you have created! Anything is acceptable just as long as it is to do with the gun!
2)My favourite setup.
3)Coolbas3 kindly made it in metallics for me. Looks great! From what I can see, he is using the med range scope and a medium sized mag.
4)Coolbas3's again.
5)rec0n's TJASTR2, with precision sight and long mag.

Step 16: Conclusion

Well, thanks for building from, or just viewing my instructable. If you did build or are considering building now, I hope you have fun with it. If you have any problems, comment on the troubleshooting step.

Drop a comment! It only takes a minute! And rating takes even less time!

Thanks again,
(> <)

P.S. - coming soon - Jamoodassault pistol, 2nd picture. Will definitely be updated.