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I have used toilet paper (TP) rolls for a while to keep cables wrapped up and organized. During my last organizing spree I realized that they can actually be used to organize boxes of cables and wires quite effectively, too.

Step 1: Parts

- a cardboard box a little higher than the width of a TP roll (shoe boxes work great, I spray one end with primer so you can read writing what's in them)
- a bunch of TP rolls
- optional tape or glue if you want to secure the rolls together as an assembly

How many TP Rolls do you need? Well, not quite as many as we had collected for crafts for a friend's day care. :-)
The number would depend on
- how many cables/wires/etc do you want to store
- how many rolls would fit nicely into a row or column in your box
- whether you want to tape the rolls into a set assembly, or have them loose in the box so you can take out a cable in its roll.

Step 2: A Box With Loose Rolls

The box had a sturdy piece of card board just the right length, so I filled half the box with rolls and left the other for some bigger stuff.

Step 3: A Box With an Assembly of Rolls

Another option is to secure the rolls together with tape or glue. They will stay in place better but you loose the flexibility of removing one roll.
Also an option is the arrangement of the rolls, here it's more like a honeycomb whereas the other was square (I am sure there are more appropriate names for this...).

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