Introduction: TUTORIAL: a Charlie Brown (Mailbox) Valentine’s Card

Valentine’s Day is next week, and I committed to help make some decorations for my son's class party. Since I was planning to pull out my crafting supplies, I thought I might as well make some handmade Valentine’s Day cards. I don’t know what made me think of Charles Schulz’ famous comic strip, Peanuts, but perhaps it was a recent reading of Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown that inspired this tutorial.  If you’re looking to make a Peanuts-inspired Valentine card this year, then look no further.

- templates
- scissors
- glue
- red/pink/light blue/any other colored card stock
- white printer paper

Step 1: Print Out Templates.

Mailbox = Envelope
There are two versions of my mailbox design, essentially the envelope for the Valentine card. The first version offers a mailbox design with a front flap closure. The second version offers two mailboxes on one page to save time and space.

Envelope = Valentine Card
The confusion with this particular Valentine card is that the mailbox represents the envelope, and the envelope represents the Valentine card. I provide two versions of the envelope, one with a Charlie Brown cartoon sketch by Charles Schulz and one without.

Personally, I think the one with Schulz’ cartoon sketch connects the whole Charlie Brown mailbox Valentine theme, but you may prefer a simpler version that speaks to the essence of receiving a Valentine by mail, feel free to use that version. Hopefully, this gives you enough creative freedom to make a personalized Valentine for a loved one this Valentine’s.

From here on out in the tutorial, I will refer to the template pieces as mailbox and envelope.

Step 2: Cut Out Envelope With or Without the Charlie Brown Sketch.

Fold along the lines inward to create the look of an envelope. You can add a sticker, such as a heart, to close and secure the envelope. However, the envelope will fit snugly into the mailbox, so you don’t have to add a sticker embellishment, if you so choose.

Step 3: Cut Out Mailbox (simple or Elaborate Version).

Note: The photos in the tutorial will be demonstrated with the elaborate version.

Fold along lines, so the black lines are facing inward.

Note: If your cardstock is colored one side, while the other side is white, make sure you print your template on the backside of your colored card stock paper.  This will ensure that the color you want for your mailbox is facing outward.

Step 4: Glue Right and Bottom Side of Mailbox.

Step 5: Insert Envelope Into Mailbox.

Use “c” hooks to enclose the envelope in the mailbox.

Interesting Note: The enclosure was a happy accident, since I originally wanted the “c” hooks to link in opposite directions. I think it worked out in the end.

Step 6: Voila! Project Complete!

Now you have your very own Charlie Brown (Mailbox) Valentine Card!

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