Introduction: TUTORIAL: Betty Boop Paper Wig


black raffia ribbon (Michaels for about $4)


double sided tape

masking tape

black duck tape

1 -2 plastic grocery bags

head bust (optional, but highly recommended)

photo of Betty Boop hairstyle (available on Google images)

Step 1: Cut Plastic Grocery Bag Into a Large Square.

You’ll need this to create the base for your wig.

Step 2: Using Masking Tape, Create a Headpiece That Fits to Your Head Shape and Size.

Take long strips of masking tape, and wrap it around beginning at the forehead, the ears, and back of the head at the nape of your neck. Keep adding more strips of masking tape, so that the plastic bag begins to take the shape of your head.

Step 3: Create the Head Shape/hairline to Match That of Betty Boop’s Photo.

Using black duck tape, cover the plastic shaped head piece. Take careful notice of the hairline. Be sure to make curls along the hairline, so that you can add depth to the hairstyle in future steps. Also be sure to create a hair part from the middle of the forehead to the top of the head.

Step 4: Create Short Wavy Hairstyle.

This is the fun part. Using lots of double sided tape, I cut raffia ribbon to create a short wavy hair look.

Add Betty Boop-like spikes at the back. Here, I opened raffia ribbon and cut it the shape of spiky hair at the back, which resembles more of a cartoonish Betty Boop hairstyle.

Step 5: Voila! Project Complete!

You’ve got your own Betty Boop-styled paper wig. I’d say that this wig turned out pretty well, considering the level of difficulty to make a very iconic hairstyle. Without having to break the bank, now you have a personalized Betty Boop paper wig.

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