Introduction: Tamarind Rice With Dry Fish Curry and Dry Fish Omelet

most of the people thinks we need lots of curry or vegetables to eat rice. and also it needs a lot of time to cook. but this recipes doesn't need that much of time and ingredients.

Tamarind rice

1kg rice cooked

½ table spoon cumin

½ table spoon mustard

few curry leaves

100g onion finely chopped

3 table spoon chili flakes

30g tamarind paste or as per taste

1 cup water or as per need

2 table spoon cooking oil

servings – 5 or 6 people

first add 2 table spoon (or more if needed) oil and add all the ingredients except water, rice, chili flakes and tamarind paste. Cook for one minute. Add chili flakes and cook for another one minute. Then add tamarind paste and water and stir well. When it comes to the boil, pour it over the cooked rice and mix well. Now it is ready to serve.

Step 1: Dry Fish Curry

Dry fish curry.

½ kg potato (cut in to pieces)

¼ kg salted dry fish (if it is big cut into small pieces)

100g onion finely chopped

curry leaves

2 table spoon chili powder

tamarind paste as per taste

salt as per taste

water as needed ( 1 or 1 1/2 cup)

fry potato, dry fish, onion and curry leaves separately. In a pan add all the ingredients and cook until water boils.

Step 2: Dry Fish Egg Omelet

dry fish egg omelet

2 or 3 eggs

50g unsalted dry fish

200g onion( finely chopped)

curry leaves finely chopped

chili flakes as per taste

¼ table spoon fennel seeds powdered

add few drops of oil and fry curry leaves and onion. Then mix curry leaves, onion, and other ingredients with egg. Now fry your omelet.

note- i am not a really good photographer. that's why the shot are little blurred.

Step 3:

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