Introduction: Sweet Green Gram Roll

it is a healthy food for all.
no oil need. no sugar needed.

sweet green gram roll.

For the fillings

150g green gram

coconut flakes (3 times the volume of green gram)

200g jaggery

cardamom powder

for the batter

¼ kg wheat flour or all purpose flour

turmeric powder



in hot sauce pan stir green gram and coarsely grind it. In the same pan add green gram, jiggery, coconut flakes and 1 cup of water. Cook them until water evaporates (always stir the mixture). Finally add cardamom powder before you get off the flame.

To make batter,
mix all 4 ingredients well. Then make dosai (the way how you make pan cakes) using the batter.

Fill the dosai and roll it and paste the ends with the batter and keep on pan for the batter (used to paste) to get cooked.

Serve with or without your favorite dips

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