Introduction: Tank

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Hey! This is my 3rd instructable: the tank. My very own. There won't be any parts. Sorry. Anyway, this will be really cool to have fun with! Enjoy!

Step 1: The Wheels

You will need 2 of these.

Step 2: Bottom Base

Make it like shown.

Step 3: Sidings

Like so......

Step 4: Extra Wheels for More Support

Just for more support to keep the tank more sturdy.

Step 5: Middle Section

Plus connections.

Step 6: Inside Squares

The fillers to the squares

Step 7: Front and Back

Step 8: Final Level

The last coating for the tank.

Step 9: The Hood Part

Step 10: Gun Part 1

Step 11: The Gun Pt. 2

Step 12: The Chain for the Wheels

This is the end but note: you can put the chains on however you want and what works for you. It's your tank. You decide how to put on the chains! Until nxt time!