Introduction: Tardis Cheesecakes - Orange Dreamsicle Flavored

This is a Double Instructable because I will teach you both how to bake cheesecakes in molds like these Tardis Molds and how to bake my Orange Dreamsicle cheesecake.


1. Box orange cake mix

2. 2 Eggs

3. 2 Blocks cream cheese

4. Can sweet and condensed milk

5. 1/2 cup Sugar

Other Materials Needed:

1. Food grade mold(s)

2. Pan large enough to hold molds

3. Nonstick spray

Step 1: Pick Your Mold and Your Crust

I am using the Tardis mold from Thinkgeek, but any mold will do.

I will be using a box cake mix for the crust to keep it simple, but below is my Orange Cake recipe:

Step 2: Mix the Cheesecake

The cheesecake is my basic recipe because it is cream flavor and adding anything extra is not necessary.


Optional: You can add half a cup of Heavy Cream if you want to add a flavor that won't crash with the Orange crust.

Step 3: Preheat and Pour the Cheesecake

Preheat oven to 250 - 300 F. There's a lot of factors here, especially your oven. Anywhere in this range is fine. The higher the faster it will cook but the faster it can burn. The lower is safer but will take longer.

Lightly spray the mold with a cake release spray or another nonstick oil.

Fill the molds half way up with the cheesecake batter. With these molds you will have extra, so you can bake more, I got 6 cakes out of this recipe; it varies depending on temperature, humidity, mixer speed, etc...

If you use a regular sized Bundt Pan you will usually only have enough batter for one cake.

Step 4: Adding Crust and Cooking

*NOTE TO SELF: All these steps with "and" should be broken up into smaller steps!*

Step 5: Release Then Immediatly Freeze

Step 6: Thaw Before Eating

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