Introduction: Tasty Homemade Popped Wild Rice

In this instruct able I will show you haw to make some delicious popped wild rice that you can flavour, savour and enjoy in just a few minutes!

Step 1: Step 1: Collect Your Resources

You will need:

  • a sieve
  • some fat
  • a heat source
  • flavouring (optional)
  • some bowls or plates lined with paper towel to set the rice on afterwards.

Step 2: Heat the Fat and Start Popping

heat the fat for about five minutes and test with one grain to test if the fat is hot enough yet. If it is not keep on warming it up and testing until it is warm enough. keep the heat on medium while you are popping the rice.

put enough rice that should fit in the palm of your hand into the sieve. shake the sieve until the rice pops or expands and you can see the white of the rice (as shown in the picture).

once you have popped it empty the sieve into the bowl or plate lined with paper towel and add seasoning.

Step 3: Flavour or Salt Your Popped Wild Rice

flavour you rice with whatever flavour you want. I used some popcorn flavouring and it tasted very good.

you will want to flavour it soon after as the fat soon dries off and will become less sticky to the flavouring.

this will keep for at least a few days in an airtight container and will stay crunchy to enjoy with family or friends.


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