Introduction: Tea Cosy Hat

Hi, I'm Dr Kerfuffle.

I am a Clown Doctor in Children's Hospitals in Australia...except unfortunately during the pandemic we are having a bit of a holiday.

My silly hat has always been a hit with sick kids and their families and I thought I would share it with quick plans on how to make it.

What you need:


  • A metal tea pot - safety advice: make sure it is empty
  • A tea cosy that fits your head snugly - don't pinch one from your nana's kitchen
  • The tag from unused tea bag - or a used one if you aren't fussy (optional, but the finishing touch)
  • Some cloth tape
  • Maybe some velcro dots

Step 1: Dissect Your Teapot

First thing to do is cut the handle and the spout from the teapot. Now you know why it was a good idea to have an empty teapot! The metal is generally soft and thin so a pair of tin snips will work or if you consider yourself to be an adult, a Dremel or other tool will do the job.

I recommend leaving a couple of centimetres around each piece to act as a base against your head and also to grip the tea cosy.

The size of the base will depend on the size and the curvature of your teapot so adjust to suit. You can use a hammer to gently flatten if needed - it's much easier than trying to adjust the curvature of your head. Be sure to start with the teapot pieces too big, it is always preferable to make things smaller than to try to make them bigger later.

If you can't get the edges nice and smooth, add the cloth tape otherwise if you cut your head, you may get a visit from me in hospital. Also add some matching tape on any sharp bits or places that need reinforcing...on the hat, silly.

Attach the velcro dots which help the pieces stick to the hat. I highly recommend the velcro dots are put on the outside so they grab the teapot, not your hair - or you might be wearing this forever!

Step 2: Put It All Together

Now place the handle and spout in the hat and press so the velcro grabs. It may take a little adjusting up and down and twisting around to get the position just right.

Tie a tea bag string to the top to add that special finishing touch. I don't recommend this, but if you are a little odd, you can tie the whole teabag.

Now comes the big moment.

Step 3: Ready to Step Out

Go ahead...try it know you want to. This is where you make the final adjustments to get it just right, but awesome do you look? Ready to go out in public? Will your family recognise you? Could you become an - internet - star?

Does your new hat fit, there are no pressure points? OK, time for the final test.

Grab your ukulele and sing along with me. Red nose is optional.

I'm a little teapot short and stout

Here's my handle, here's my spout

When I get all steamed up, then I shout

Tip me over* and pour me out

* Be sure to bend in the right direction or you will look like a nincompoop.

It is one thing to make a silly hat, I love that this hat puts a smile on thousands of faces every year.

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